I have been learning a lot about technology and I will share some of my knowledge:



Audacity is a great freeware program you should download if you enjoy playing music and would like to record.  http://www.audacityteam.org/   You can also install the Linux-based audio effects bundle from the audacity site.  I also rediscovered how to record streaming audio (anything going through the speakers) directly into this program.  I had to monkey around in the "preferences" menu and select some input option called WASIPA or something like that...

When you have some material recorded if you want to get your copyrights registered visit SongRegistration.com




FL Studio is a great PC program for making Electronica, Techno, EDM... whatever you want to call it.  It takes a little while to learn but there's lots of youtube tutourials that really help out.  I recently got my Novation Launchpad working with FL and it looks like I'll be able to do a lot.  Now I just have to adjust my loops and samples for the Launchpad setting.

Ableton Live is another program a lot of producers use.  I got the program with my Launchpad, but I decided to uninstall it because it just wasn't for me.  FL seemed easier to understand.  I don't mean to bash Ableton though; it is what Skrillex uses after all and his music is amazing! 

Magix Music Maker is another great program.  I just got it and it has some really cool loops and dubstep drops!  I'm excited to have this program to speed up my production and expand my possibilities.

HERE is a free open source DJ program that's pretty awesome: Mixxx 

And HERE is a free FL Studio clone called LMMS.  I watched a few videos of it in action and it looks pretty legit!  Check it out: https://lmms.io/



Sploder (sploder.com) is my favorite way to create video games.  It is the easiest way I know of. The drag and drop interface is good and the fact that you can select five or so things while pressing shift and drag over copies is a great feature I discovered in some of the editors.  {update 2021}: Sploder is toast, being it ran on adobe flash which has been unceremoniously removed from the online world... 

I also found a site called Game Salad that looks like it would work for game creation for PC and Tablet.  Neither Sploder nor Game Salad require code.  There is also Gamer Maker 8.  That one is more complex and has coding capabilities, though with it too you can create without having to write code. There is a free version of Gamer Maker 8 and Game Salad is also free.  Scratch

is another free app you can use online to make games.  There's some pretty cool stuff on the Scratch page.  Check it out!  Gamefroot,  gamefroot.com is another video game maker on the web.  It works a lot like sploder but the games have a different look.  The catch is that you have to be running it in Google Chrome.  I have not used this game maker yet but I may in the future.  It looks pretty cool!  Createrria is an android app you can get for free to make games much like Super Mario Maker.  I just got it and it's pretty fun.

3.   For Making A Website  

This website-builder, Wix is awesome.  Since 2013 I've had a lot of fun building and maintaining the site.

Understanding color relationships and using them wisely is a big part of webdesign.

Consistency in style is also important.

Blogger and Wordpress are also handy.